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Alicia Lieberman, Ph.D. and Lisa Menet, Ph.D. 
in conversation at the 2022 Bay Area CPP Conference

Dear Community,

This year the Child Trauma Research Program (CTRP) held our first ever CPP conference! Though we could only invite 100 people due to COVID considerations, we were able to reconnect with our San Francisco Bay Area CPP Community, honor our psychodynamic roots, and consider ways to extend our branches as we continue to serve a multicultural community. We hope to host a future CPP conference where we can gather with the larger CPP community.

What a [CPP Bay Area] conference! It brought me a lot of joy to be with individuals who are passionate about the 0-5 work and to be in person. It was such a treat that I have missed during this pandemic... it felt like a homecoming.

Lyle Margot, LMFT

Clinical Supervisor, A Better Way

Voices from the Field

Our community is growing and thriving! CPP is now implemented in 7 countries and 48 U.S. states and territories. In this and future newsletters, we are spotlighting the voices of our international community so that we can all celebrate the spread of CPP throughout the world.

CPP in Israel (Paula David)

Members of the CPP Israel team

In 2010, the Haruv Institute in Jerusalem, Israel – an organization providing training to professionals working with maltreated children – invited Alicia Lieberman and the late Patricia Van Horn to teach CPP to experienced clinicians in the field of early childhood trauma. They said yes! And we began a collaboration that continues today. Alicia and Patricia trained three cohorts of clinicians and two Train the Trainer cohorts before Patricia tragically passed away. We are currently training the 9th cohort with our Israeli trainers and we have over 150 CPP clinicians in the country. We are striving to represent CPP well in the Middle East.

CPP in Norway and Sweden (Anita Krøvel-Velle)

The Nordic Network Training Team

November 2022 Nordic Network Meeting

CPP is becoming established, disseminated, and cherished in the Nordic countries. In 2013, Professor Kjerstin Almqvist and Chandra Ghosh Ippen started the first Swedish CPP Learning Collaborative (LC) as part of a feasibility study conducted by Dr. Almqvist. A second cohort began in 2015. Thanks to the efforts of Kjetil Lysne, five Norwegian colleagues joined this training, leading to a 2017 Norwegian CPP LC organized by RBUP (Regional Children's Mental Health Center).

Now, 8 years later, there are 2 Swedish and 3 Norwegian CPP trainers and a CPP Nordic Network to support collaboration and implementation. Swedish trainers and Ericastiftelsen are leading the 6th Swedish LC; Norwegian trainers and RBUP are leading the 3rd cohort and planning a 4th. Simultaneously, the team continues to engage in CPP research: there has been an interview study with caregivers, a study on implementation, and an effectiveness study. There is also an ongoing follow-up study and a feasibility study of CPP for children in foster care.

Honoring Our Angels

What a joy to recognize Lisa Stone Pritzker, a very special Angel in the Nursery! While her financial gifts have been transformative, the spirit of her philanthropy sets her apart. Lisa is someone who gives all of herself for the many causes she supports while learning assiduously about the issues, listening with deep care, and engaging in fruitful collaborations where her ideas give momentum to shared goals. She is an advocate and activist who combines passionate commitment with intellectual knowledge, as reflected in her academic degrees that include a BA in Dance Therapy, a Masters in Nonprofit Administration, programming for Jewish community leaders, and an honorary doctorate in recognition of her commitment to children's health. 

Lisa Stone Pritzker with Alicia Lieberman

Lisa walks the walk. She volunteered at the Child and Adolescent Services (CAS) program of the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital (ZSFGH) Department of Psychiatry, and the distress she witnessed made her a pivotal force in advocating for legislation to remove obstacles to help victims of crime. She became one of the first philanthropists to understand the importance of multicultural training in childhood trauma as a way of preventing adult mental illness, early mortality, homelessness and crime. In 2013 she spearheaded the creation of the Child Trauma Center at the ZSFG Department of Psychiatry as an integration of the training programs at CTRP, CAS, and the Infant-Parent Program. This was a breakthrough in creating an APA-accredited internship program that focuses on children and families from low-income and racial, ethnic, and cultural minority backgrounds starting at birth and spanning early adulthood. Her deep involvement with the experiences of the children and families served in this program led her to yet another visionary goal: the creation of a state-of-the-art building where children, teens, and families from all walks of life find a mental-health home where their emotional needs can be met in a space of beauty and love.

As the result of her vision, the Nancy Friend Pritzker Psychiatry Building now houses the Child, Teen and Family Center as a beautiful place where young people and their families can access mental health services, primary care and specialty care in one kid-friendly location. We are thrilled that our new home enables us to become a dual-campus program in this cutting-edge psychiatry building where we expand our scope for training, research, and clinical services while retaining our deep roots at ZSFG. Lisa is a model advocate and philanthropist, always rolling up her sleeves to join in the work and bring others along. She is an angel to CTRP and many other causes that benefit from her wisdom and her love.

The Road Ahead

CAMP-ing with SAMHSA

With funding from SAMHSA, we are beginning to mentor community agencies in CPP with the goal of enhancing implementation and sustainability. Through the CPP Agency Mentorship Program (C.A.M.P.), agency supervisors will have the capacity to internally train their clinical supervisees to rostering standards. In October 2022, we launched our application process to identify new C.A.M.P. agencies. For the 1st cohort, 3 agencies will begin the 18-month mentoring process in fall 2023. We look forward to announcing the first cohort in May 2023....

CPP Comes to Puerto Rico

In 2024, we will launch a SAMHSA-funded, National Child Traumatic Stress Network Spanish-language CPP LC conducted in collaboration with  providers from Puerto Rico and Florida. Special thanks to Adriana Bowen and Carmen Rosa Noroña who developed our Learning Collaborative training materials in Spanish.

Provider Spotlight

Ann Chu, PhD, views CPP as a unique treatment model that integrates attachment and trauma theories wrapped within an intergenerational perspective. At CTRP, she is helping to build CPP sustainability through workforce development, research, and implementation science. Ann initially trained in CPP under Alicia, Patricia, and Chandra through her pre-doctoral/post-doctoral fellowship. She went on to become faculty at the University of Denver and Program Director at A Better Way back in San Francisco. These research and clinical experiences eventually brought her back to CTRP where she works on a variety of projects in addition to CPP including Attachment Vitamins and a SAMHSA grant for rural northern California.

Ann Chu, PhD

Attachment Vitamins (AV) is a parenting curriculum developed based on core principles of CPP. AV helps caregivers learn about socioemotional development in their young children (birth-5 years), methods to foster healthy attachments, and the impact of stress and trauma on caregiver-child relationships. This year we partnered with the Center for Adjustment, Resilience, and Recovery (CARRE), a project of the International Rescue Committee, to provide AV training and implementation support for agencies that serve refugee families who have experienced forced displacement. The first AV cohort started in October 2022 and included 15 providers from 4 agencies in 4 states. As part of this project, AV materials are being translated into several languages including Congolese Swahili, French, Dari, Spanish and Pashto. Recruitment for the second cohort will start in early 2023. 

Now in its 5th and final year, the SAMHSA grant for rural northern California consists of a consortium of UCSF infant mental health programs (CTRP, Infant Parent Program, and Early Intervention Services at Benioff Children’s Hospital). The consortium provides workforce development for child-serving providers in mental health, child welfare, primary care, and education along a continuum of care (prevention, early intervention, intervention) for 10 counties in Northern California and 3 states (Michigan, Minnesota, and New Mexico). In the last 3 years, the grant team oversaw the successful transition to virtual training delivery during COVID, which greatly improved the accessibility to trainings and fostered cross-regional participation.

Oh, The Places We've Gone...

CPP Videos

Have you seen our videos? We have been hard at work developing videos to support CPP implementation. Please check out our Youtube channel and our most recent video providing an Overview of our CPP Fidelity Framework. In early 2023 we will be releasing our CPP Fidelity video series.

New CPP Provider Roster Rollout!

This fall, the CTRP Dissemination Team launched a new version of the CPP Provider Roster. The roster allows families seeking treatment to quickly identify available CPP providers who meet their specific needs. It is also a platform for agencies and providers to formally broadcast their CPP qualifications, which can entitle them to higher reimbursement rates. 

Providers can now update their data directly, which will increase the accuracy and relevance of the database. The new design will support the ever-growing network of CPP clinicians around the world. Finally, the roster contains several new fields, including telehealth offerings and common insurance categories.

Providers already listed on the roster received an email in September from the CPP Dissemination & Implementation Team with instructions on how to access and edit their roster profile. If a provider would like to update existing information on the roster but cannot access their survey, they may receive their code by filling out this survey. If a provider is not listed on the roster, they may submit an inquiry here.


In the midst of this winter holiday season, gratitude surrounds us. The contributions of others gives warmth to homes, puts fuel in cars, fills hungry bellies and brightens dark rooms. We are especially grateful for the contributions that allow us to provide trauma-informed care to families around the world. The generosity of others allows us to hold space (physical and virtual) for CPP learning, create and deliver content to practitioners, advocate for system resources, and spread the impact of our efforts. To each and every donor: our hearts are full from your kindness–you are a part of our CPP family. Thank you.