Participants in the 5th San Francisco CPP Learning Collaborative

Thank you for your interest in Child-Parent Psychotherapy!

We are delighted that you want to learn CPP and become a part of our community. We are dedicated to disseminating CPP so that more providers are able to support young children and families who have experienced stressful and traumatic events.

We have seen that it takes concerted effort, support, and mentorship to be able to do this work. For this reason, our CPP learning process begins with an in-depth training that typically lasts 18-months and involves team learning and support. After the training is complete, the learning continues within your teams and in partnership with families. 

Given that implementing CPP involves a considerable commitment and investment on your part, on the part of your system, and on the part of trainers, before you begin a CPP training, please review our materials and think about your readiness to implement CPP and how to enhance those factors that appear to contribute to success.

Understand how trainings are organized for different groups

We are growing our capacity to provide trainings in CPP and to enhance sustainability for those who are trained. However, please be aware that given the intensity and length of training and the growing demand, we have limited capacity to provide training upon request.  Thus, it is critical that you ensure that a trainer is available to conduct training even as you apply for funding. We cannot ensure that a trainer will be available if advance arrangements have not been made.

CPP trainings are typically organized with large systems or agencies. 

Large Systems

  • Large system trainings are typically organized with the CPP Dissemination & Implementation Team after submitting an application
  • We identify a training team given:
  • Population-specific needs
  • Implementation goals
  • Timeline & location
  • We want to develop a plan that will lead to sustainable implementation of CPP within your system

Note: Examples of large systems include government, state, or county entities or  health insurance companies in charge of service provision.


  • Agency trainings are typically organized with individual CPP trainers
  • Please feel free to view the CPP trainer map and contact the trainer in your area
  • If there is no trainer in your area, or if they are not available, please complete an application indicating this, and we will attempt to connect you to another trainer

Note: We typically want you to work with a trainer in you area as they will be a part of supporting you in developing a sustainability plan.

Individual Providers

  • We do not typically train individual providers in CPP as reflective CPP supervision is a core part of the model and team support is critical to doing CPP.
  • Individual providers who are a part of agencies with existing CPP teams may apply if:
  • Licensed or under the supervision of a CPP trained provider 
  • Able to participate in ongoing reflective CPP supervision or consultation within the agency
  • Individual providers, not part of an agency, can apply jointly as a team. We do not typically arrange trainings for individual providers, but if we have a training with openings, we will contact you.

Steps for Applying


Review the CPP Learning Collaborative Process

Make sure that you and those who will participate in training understand the full LC process.

  • 18 months
  • Minimum requirements
  • Importance of team support


Think About Your
Readiness to Implement CPP

Can you provide CPP within your setting?

  • Adequate referrals of young children under age 6
  • Capacity to conduct dyadic treatment with some individual sessions with caregivers
  • Able to screen for trauma in child and caregiver


Connect with Us


Review the trainer map & contact a trainer in your area if there is one 

Large systems, agencies with no local providers & individual providers

First, evaluate your organization's readiness to implement CPP. 

Then, let us know about your interest by completing our training request form.