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Accessing the CPP Roster

The CPP Roster is maintained and housed by the Child Trauma Research Program, which is the development site for Child-Parent Psychotherapy. Please click on the button above to go directly to the roster. Please note, please use Chrome, Safari, or Firefox as your web browser. The roster is not viewable through Explorer.

About the CPP Roster

  • The CPP roster includes providers who have completed an Implementation-Level CPP training and provided their information for a public roster.
  • For trainings initiated after the Spring of 2018, CPP rostering requirements included being licensed in the state where the therapist was practicing. This was not a requirement for prior trainings, 
  • Providers listed are not affiliated with or endorsed by Child-Parent Psychotherapy or the UCSF Child Trauma Research Program. The listings are provided for informational purposes only. Prior to choosing a provider, we encourage you to research their credentials, experience, and current licensing.
  • Implementation-Level CPP trainings include: 
  • Currently the roster primarily includes those people who have completed a CPP Learning Collaborative. In the future we will be adding the following clinicians to the CPP roster 
  • Those trained through an endorsed CPP Agency Mentorship Program (CAMP)
  • Those trained through an endorsed CPP Internship Program
  • Those trained internationally, including in Israel, Sweden, Norway, Australia, and England

Are you missing from the roster?

  • If you completed training through an endorsed CPP Agency Mentorship Program, an Endorsed Internship Program, or an International training, please be patient. This map represents our first round of rostering. You will be in our second round.
  • If you completed a CPP LC and are not on the roster
  • This may have happened because we do not have a current email address for you
  • This can also happen if you completed the survey, but indicated you did not want to be on a public roster. You can just list your name and no address if this is your preference.
  • Please complete the following survey to help us find your information
  • Please note that response times may vary (may even take a few weeks). We are a SMALL but mighty team.

state rosters of cpp providers

Several U.S. states have their own systems for tracking CPP providers:

     (Note: this is a living list--if you know of a state CPP roster that is missing from this list, please let us know)