SAMHSA C.A.M.P. Application Process

Process Overview

Preparation and Submission

Evaluation and Selection

C.A.M.P.-ing Begins!

We are excited to launch of our SAMHSA funded C.A.M.P. initiative. We will mentor 2 cohorts. The first cohort of 3 agencies will begin in 2023. The second cohort of 3 agencies will begin in 2024. Mentorship will be funded by our SAMHSA grant. 


Wondering if your agency is a good candidate for C.A.M.P.?

  1. Is your agency a community mental health agency receiving public funds to provide services?
  2. Does your agency have 3 or more CPP supervisors?
  3. Has CPP been a part of your agency's service delivery for 3 or more years?

If yes to all 3 questions, contact your agency trainer.


Only CPP Trainers can nominate an agency for the SAMHSA C.A.M.P. initiative. 

Agency Nominations must be submitted by Monday Nov 21, 2022

Application Overview

The SAMHSA C.A.M.P. application includes 5 phases: 

Phase 1: Agency reaches out to their CPP Trainer

  • Agencies interested in being considered must contact their CPP trainer
  • CPP Trainers will help agencies determine if they meet the minimum requirements
  • CPP Trainers will also help agencies consider if they have the resources to sustain C.A.M.P.
  • CPP Trainers and agencies collaboratively determine if the CPP trainer will nominate the agency

Phase 2: Agency Nomination 

  • CPP Trainer submits online agency nomination application
  • Agencies that demonstrate C.A.M.P. readiness will progress to completion of the Sr. Leader - Agency Fidelity application
  • Agencies that do not progress are welcome to attend the optional Q & A for more information

Phase 3: Senior. Leadership application

  • Agency representative submits Sr. Leadership/Agency Fidelity application
  • Agencies that demonstrate agency level readiness will progress to completion of the Apprentice Trainer application
  • Agencies that do not progress are welcome to attend the optional Q & A for more information

Phase 4: Individual Apprentice Trainer

  • Prospective apprentice trainers each submit an application  
  • Trainers that demonstrate readiness will be invited to participate in interviews

Phase 5: Agency Interviews

Application Timeline

The application process will begin October 2022 and conclude May 2023. Selected agencies will begin the mentoring process in Summer 2023.

Note: Timelines may be extended as needed. Updates will be posted on this webpage.

Nomination application opens

October 19, 2022 (Wednesday)

Optional informational sessions for prospective sites

October 26 & 28, 2022 11am PST/2pm ET

Agency Nomination application due

(submitted by a trainer)

November 21, 2022 (Monday)

Phase 1 application decisions announced

December 2022

Optional information session for non-selected sites

January 2023

Senior Leadership/Agency Fidelity applications due 

(submitted by an agency representative)

January 30, 2023 (Monday)

Phase 2 application decisions announced

March 2023

Optional information session for non-selected sites

March 2023

Apprentice trainer applications due 

(submitted by each apprentice trainer)

March 20, 2023 (Monday)

Apprentice trainer interviews

June/July 2023

Agency interviews

June/July 2023

Selected C.A.M.P. sites announced

July/August 2023

SAMHSA C.A.M.P. site orientation meeting

August 2023

SAMHSA C.A.M.P. Learning Session 1

Fall 2023

Monthly SAMHSA C.A.M.P. Apprentice Trainer calls begin

Winter 2023

SAMHSA C.A.M.P. Learning Session 2

Summer 2024

SAMHSA C.A.M.P. Learning Session 3

Winter 2024

SAMHSA C.A.M.P. 18-month process ends for cohort 1

 Summer 2025

Frequently Asked Questions

Which agencies are best suited for C.A.M.P.?

There are many factors that we will consider to select agencies to participate in this initiative, some key considerations include:

  • Community mental health agencies receiving public funds to provide services
  • Agencies currently implementing CPP to fidelity
  • Agencies with 3 or more CPP supervisors
  • Agencies with 3+ years of CPP experience
  • Agencies that can articulate a plan to sustain C.A.M.P. for at least 3-5 years
  • Agencies with strong in-house infant mental health knowledge base
  • Can agencies self-nominate/apply without a CPP trainer?

    • No. Only CPP trainers can submit the SAMHSA C.A.M.P. Agency Nomination application. 
    • Yet, if an agency feels they meet criteria for nomination, we encourage the agency to reach out to their trainer to discuss having the CPP trainer nominate them.

    How many agencies can a trainer nominate?

    • There is no limit. 
    • Trainers can nominate as many agencies as they believe are good candidates for C.A.M.P

    Which trainer should nominate an agency if there have been multiple CPP trainers for the agency?

    • Agencies and trainers can make this determination collaboratively.

    What is the agency time and resource commitment for C.A.M.P.?

    • C.A.M.P. is an 18 month mentoring process.
    • Please visit our main C.A.M.P. webpage for more details.
    • The Training Components, Sustainability, C.A.M.P. Overview and C.A.M.P. documents sections provide more in-depth information to help agencies better understand what to expect.

    What are the expectations of C.A.M.P. Apprentice Trainers?

    Once an Apprentice Trainer successfully completes the C.A.M.P. mentoring process, who can the C.A.M.P. trainer train?

    • What's important to hold in mind is that in the C.A.M.P. approach to training, supervision is the primary means of disseminating the model.
    • C.A.M.P. Agency Trainers are only vetted and endorsed to train clinicians to whom they are providing direct supervision.
    • Each C.A.M.P. trainer is responsible for providing 1hr of individual CPP reflective supervision to each supervisee or 2 hr of group supervision with no more than 4 supervisees. This supervision time should be specific to CPP cases only. This requirement is specific to supervisees in the midst of the rostering process. See Component 4a of the Apprentice Trainer Training Agreement. Although best practice, it is not required once the supervisee completes their rostering requirements.

    Does the C.A.M.P. trainer status follow the trainer to other agencies?

    • Please see the C.A.M.P. Overview slides for more information about the parameters and portability of C.A.M.P. trainer status.
    • In short, C.A.M.P. trainers may only utilize their status as vetted C.A.M.P. trainers at other C.A.M.P. agencies. 

    What constitutes a multi-site agency?

    • There are a few variations that are considered a multi-site agency.
    • Please see slides 54 & 55 of the C.A.M.P. Overview slides 

    Is it okay if an agency I am nominating is in the midst of participating in a Learning Collaborative?

    • Yes. Please remember that not all nominated agencies will be chosen to participate in this SAMHSA funded initiative.
    • All agencies are encouraged to proceed with any CPP training that was planned prior to the announcement of this C.A.M.P. opportunity.
    • Additionally, the LC training approach is not interchangeable with C.A.M.P. In the C.A.M.P. model, the Apprentice Trainers/C.A.M.P. will co-lead an LS1, LS2 and LS3 for their supervisees. There will only be consultation calls with the Apprentice Trainers during the 18 month mentoring process to support them with how they disseminate CPP through the supervision process.

    When will agencies learn if they have been selected?

    • Please see the Application Overview & the Application Timelines listed above.
    • We will immediately update the Timeline above if timelines are extended.

    What is the timeline for this process?

    • Please see the Application Overview & the Application Timelines listed above.
    • We will update these sections immediately if a timeline needs to be extended.

    When will the 2024 second cohort be selected?

    • If all 6 agencies are identified during this round of applications, there will not be a second round of applications.
    • We encourage all interested agencies to apply at this time.

    For more information about C.A.M.P., please visit the main C.A.M.P. webpage.