CPP Symptom Screener

CPP Symptom Screener

What is the CPP Symptom Screener?

  • A free clinical tool designed to help parents/caregivers and providers think about ways that children may show us that they need help
  • Designed by the CPP Development Team (Ghosh Ippen, Chu, & Lieberman, 2018)

Reference: Ghosh Ippen, C., Chu, A. & Lieberman, A.F. (2018). CPP Symptom Screener [Measurement Instrument]. Retrieved from: https://childparentpsychotherapy.com/providers/tools-and-resources/cppscreener/

How can it be used?

  • Designed to be an optional insert for the CPP brochure
  • Can be used by referral partners to think with caregivers about symptoms the child may be experiencing
  • Can be used during the CPP foundational phase to understand the child's symptoms (including stress and trauma-related symptoms)
  • Can be used over the course of treatment to understand changes in symptoms


If the CPP Symptom Screener is being used to monitor the course of treatment, we recommend that rather than simply checking the box, you assess caregivers to rate the severity of the symptoms. Download the CPP Symptom Screener Response Card.

Is there research on the CPP Symptom Screener?

  • The tool has been clinically tested, but as of May 2018, there is no published research on this tool
  • The CPP development team is planning a study to begin in September of 2018
  • If your team would be interested in partnering to gather data on the utility of this tool, please contact us