Don't Hit My Mommy: A Manual for Child-Parent Psychotherapy with Children Exposed to Violence

Alicia F. Lieberman, Chandra Ghosh Ippen, & Patricia Van Horn

This book serves as the manual for CPP and is required reading for those participating in CPP training.

The first edition was published in 2005 by Alicia F. Lieberman and Patricia Van Horn. The 2nd edition was updated in 2015 to include new sections on the phases of treatment and CPP fidelity to support implementation.

Citation for the second edition

Lieberman, A.F., Ghosh Ippen, C., & Van Horn (2015). Don’t hit my mommy: A manual for Child-Parent Psychotherapy with young children exposed to violence and other trauma, Second Edition. Washington, DC: Zero to Three.

To Obtain

The manual was published by Zero to Three (ZTT), and we recommend buying it from the publisher to support this organization. They have a paperback and a digital version. It is also available through other book selling sites. Please be aware that there is a prior edition and purchase the 2nd edition with the green cover.

Psychotherapy with Infants and Young Children: Repairing the Effects of Stress and Trauma on Early Attachment

Alicia F. Lieberman & Patricia Van Horn

This book describes the conceptual framework underpinning CPP and illustrates complex concepts and intervention modalities using rich case examples. It is recommended reading for those participating in CPP training.

Citation for the second edition

Lieberman, A.F. & Van Horn, P. (2008). Psychotherapy with infants and young children: Repairing the effects of stress and trauma on early attachment. New York: The Guilford Press.

Losing a Parent to Death in the Early Years: Guidelines for the Treatment of Traumatic Bereavement in Infancy and Early Childhood

Alicia F. Lieberman, Patricia Van Horn, Nancy Compton, & Chandra Ghosh Ippen

This book was written shortly after 9-11 in an effort to help more people understand how babies, toddlers, and preschoolers respond to loss and ways to support them. Rich clinical vignettes illustrate manifestations of traumatic bereavement and intervention strategies. 


Lieberman, A.F., Compton, N.C., Van Horn, P., Ghosh Ippen, C. (2003). Losing a parent to death in the early years: Guidelines for the treatment of traumatic bereavement in infancy. Washington D.C.: Zero to Three Press.