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"Self-care is very important for healing from, management of, and coping with trauma.  And while one practice might not work for everyone, there are many different types of practices to try and find what works best for you. Below are different categories and examples of self care and healing practices as suggested by Alameda County consumers and family members."

"Regular exercise can improve our physical health, decrease our risk for serious health conditions, and help us feel better emotionally.  For many of us, our lives are so full that don’t know how to add exercise into our already packed days. Neglecting our health at the expense of our busy schedules is dangerous for many reasons, but ultimately it can stop us from being the healthiest version of ourselves, both in mind and body.  Understanding the impact that exercise has on our lives, allows us to make intentional choices to improve our health."

"Self-Care for Trauma Psychotherapists and Caregivers: Individual, Social and Organizational Interventions"


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