Dissemination and
Implementation Team

Partnering to support the spread and sustainability of Child-Parent Psychotherapy

Chandra Ghosh Ippen, Ph.D.

Director of CPP Dissemination and Implementation


Chandra trained in Child-Parent Psychotherapy at the Child Trauma Research Program as an intern and postdoctoral fellow from 1998-2000. She spent a year as adjunct faculty for the CAARE Center at UC Davis. She rejoined CTRP in 2001 as the Associate Director of Research and helped lead the team's partnership with the National Child Traumatic Stress Network. In 2013, she became the Director of CPP Dissemination and Implementation, and in 2014, she became Co-Associate Director of CTRP.

Chandra developed the CPP Fidelity Framework and is co-author of the 2nd edition of Don't Hit My Mommy, the manual for CPP.  She has led international CPP implementation efforts in Sweden and Norway and has co-led national implementation efforts in multiple states including California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

She is the developer of the Ripple Effect Curriculum, a manualized curriculum designed to support the development of trauma-informed systems by sharing core trauma concepts using a combination of stories, visuals metaphors, and clinical vignettes. She has conducted over 34 Ripple Effect trainings in 15 states as well as in Norway and Sweden. She has also authored 6 chapters on diversity-informed practice and trains regularly on this topic.

She has written numerous children's books that serve as population-based interventions for children who have experienced stressful events, including the Trinka and Sam disaster series, Once I Was Very Very Scared, which has been translated into English, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, and German, and You Weren't With Me, which is available in English and Spanish, and was written to support families who have experienced stressful separations.

In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with family, cuddling with her cat Loki, and baking. She has a mission to bake 1000 pies and a pie in all 50 states.

Ann Chu, Ph.D.

Associate Director of CPP Dissemination and Implementation


Ann started with the Child Trauma Research Program as a pre-doctoral intern in 2008 when she first trained in Child-Parent Psychotherapy. After completing her internship and a post-doctoral fellowship with CTRP, she went on to a faculty position at the University of Denver before returning to the San Francisco Bay Area as program director of a non-profit providing services to children and families involved in the child welfare system. She is thrilled to have joined the Mothership again in 2017 as Associate Director of CPP Dissemination and Implementation. In her current role, she is helping to disseminate CPP trainings, standardize CPP training model components, and develop tools that can further the implementation of CPP. 

Markita Mays, LCSW 

Co-Director of Perinatal Mental Health


Markita Mays, LCSW, (she/her/hers), a licensed clinical social worker,  is co-Director of EMBRACE Perinatal Care for Black Families and co-Director of Perinatal Mental Health at the Child Trauma Research Program in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of California San Francisco. She joined CTRP in 2010 as a post-master’s clinical fellow and has been on staff since 2012.  She provides clinical services; supervision to clinicians in training; and is a national trainer for the dissemination of Child-Parent Psychotherapy. 


In addition to direct service and clinical training, Markita has pursued advocacy on behalf of children of incarcerated parents. She is the co-Founder of the Alameda County Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership (ACCIPP), which is a regional coalition focused on those who work with or are concerned about children of incarcerated parents. In her work with ACCIPP, she served as a consultant with Sesame Street on the development and implementation of their toolkit, Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration.


She is the 2020 recipient of the Zero To Three Emerging Leader Award, served as a Dean Diversity Leader (2016-2018) for the UCSF School of Medicine Differences Matter Initiative, and the 2015 UCSF Chancellor Award for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership.


Markita is committed to understanding the intersection and intergenerational patterns of race and trauma for African American families and communities and has a special interest in healing interventions rooted in spiritual/indigenous practices and traditions.

Shondra Davis, PsyD

Co-Director of CPP Sustainability 


Shondra Davis began her training in Child-Parent Psychotherapy at the Child Trauma Research Program as a pre-doctoral intern in 2012. After completing her doctoral degree, she went on to spearhead the CPP Agency Mentorship Program (CAMP) at Instituto Familiar de la Raza in San Francisco. She later joined the Early Childhood Services team of The Jewish Board in New York city. She served as the Director of the Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation program and the Harlem Child Development Center's early childhood outpatient clinic. While at The Jewish Board, she continued her apprenticeship as a CPP Agency Trainer and supported the agency's CAMP application process. During that time, she also initiated an innovative trauma focused parent peer program for parents with child welfare involvement in collaboration with the Field Guide to Barefoot Psychology in an effort to combat mental health stigma and increase access to services in communities overly impacted by trauma. Shondra has worked in community-based health care settings for over 25 years. As a bilingual clinician, she has worked extensively with Spanish speaking children and families. She weaves together her training as a psychologist with specialized training in integrative somatic approaches to trauma therapy, meditation and yoga. She supports children, families and staff to envision, embody and invite wholeness, connection and vitality back into their lives. Shondra is pleased to rejoining the CPP mothership. She looks forward to supporting partner agencies in the CAMP application and implementation process. In her spare time, she can be found, watching the clouds float by, trying her hand at a new DIY project or creating sound meditations for friends and family. She lives by the motto: "Will travel for delicious food!"

Tuesday Ray

Dissemination and Implementation Administrator


Tuesday Ray joined the Child Trauma Research Program in March 2016 as Program Administrator. After many years of doing project administration in the technology sector, she finds herself in a position that allows her to support clinicians in their effort to alleviate the impact trauma in very young children and their families and staff who offer training world-wide in creating trauma-informed systems. She studied International Business at San Francisco State University. When out of the office, she enjoys taking advantage of everything that the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer. She can be found wandering museums, attending plays, or exploring the many hiking trails in the area.

Brooke Kimbro, LPCC LMHC


Dissemination Coordinator


Brooke Kimbro joined our team as Dissemination Coordinator in 2019 after relocating to the Bay area with her family. For most of the past decade, Brooke served as clinical coordinator for a Boston area program that provided therapeutic services to children exposed to violence and their families.  She brings working knowledge of dissemination and implementation of evidence-based practices, having completed several learning collaboratives in her career, including two in Child Parent Psychotherapy.  Brooke is also a nationally registered Dance/Movement Therapist. In her spare time she can be found hiking and relaxing at the beach with her husband and two young children. 

Ben Spevack

Dissemination Analyst


Ben Spevack joined the CPP Team as a Dissemination Analyst in 2021. He previously worked as a senior analyst researching wildlife conservation and human security in Washington, DC, and has volunteered as an EMT in Massachusetts and Maryland. He brings interdisciplinary experience in database curation, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and international training. Outside of work, Ben enjoys swimming, reading fiction, and studying language.

Melissa Bond

Professional Researcher


Melissa Bond, PhD, completed her pre-doctoral internship and postdoctoral fellowship at the Child Trauma Research Program before starting as an Assistant Professional Researcher in 2023. In this role, Melissa combines her clinical knowledge, research acumen, and web development experience to develop and manage databases, assist in advanced user experience needs, and provide methodological and research support. She is looking forward to further developing CTRP’s research efforts to better understand the nuances of CPP both at the “Mothership” and in the broader community. In her free time, Melissa is usually training with her dogs, cooking (and eating) good food, and playing video games.

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