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We are interested in news stories directly about CPP as well as stories where CPP team members are making a big difference in the lives of young children and families.

September 28, 2023
How pediatricians can help patients who’ve experienced trauma
This article discusses how pediatricians can integrate trauma-informed care into pediatric practice and suggests that as pediatricians explore treatment pathways "it's important to look at therapies such as trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy or child-parent psychotherapy.
September 28, 2023
The City of Eureka Will Host a Town Hall Discussion on Children’s Mental Health This Saturday
The article discusses the Eureka, California Mayor's Initiative, “Today’s Mental Health, Tomorrow’ Future: Raising Resilient Children” and discusses ways to meet the mental health needs of children in Humboldt county. Child-Parent Psychotherapy is among the trauma-informed practices named.

June 14, 2023: Australia

Expert urges improved support for children and infants caught up in court system
2020 Churchill Fellow Matt Wilson is "investigating "innovative, proven, Court-based approaches to the complexity and vulnerability of infants and their families in care and protection jurisdictions throughout the United States and United Kingdom".

"His report highlights "the effectiveness of Child-Parent Psychotherapy and solution-focused specialist infant courts, resulting in quicker exits from care and reduced abuse".
October 28, 2022: Denmark
Norwegian CPP Trainer, Henning Mohaupt, is interviewed in this Danish publication as he talks about CPP, how very young children are affected by violence, and how helping children and adults talk about their experiences of violence, helps the adults to see how the child was affected, which becomes a strong motivation for change.
June 4, 2022
CPP is a big win for Sarasota
The article discusses Child-Parent Psychotherapy and the importance of early childhood therapists, and describes CPP implementation efforts in Florida. "Across the state, Child-Parent Psychotherapy is the preferred intervention for Early Childhood Courts, a problem-solving court model for children age 5 and younger who have been removed from their parent’s custody due to abuse/neglect. We are now working with the FSU Center for Prevention and Early Invention Policy on a statewide plan to train more than 250 clinicians in five years."
June 28, 2021: Australia
A healing circle in the carport
A beautiful example of how Child-Parent Psychotherapy and other treatment modalities were used to support a dad who had both experienced and used violence as he sought to help his young daughter heal from the trauma she had experienced.
2021: No specific date available
Bonding Time: A growing number of Gulf Coast therapists have started employing Child-Parent Psychotherapy. But can it positively transform family relationships damaged by years of trauma?
Discusses a family's story and talks about how CPP has changed the quality of life for families in the region (and far beyond).
February 1, 2021
Barancik Foundation Funds Child Parent Psychotherapy Cohort
Highlights and celebrates the funding of CPP training in Florida "Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation over the past year and a half provided a $300,000 grant to the FSU Center for Prevention and Early Intervention to help train a Sarasota cohort of mental health clinicians in the practice of Child Parent Psychotherapy.

The final training session for the group of therapists convened on Friday via Zoom, and participants discussed with SRQ MEDIA the value of “the power of a parent to heal their child.”
May 22, 2019
Considerations for Treating Migrant Children Separated From Parents
Alicia Lieberman, the founding developer of Child-Parent Psychotherapy, spoke on the impact of separating children from parents at the U.S. southern border at the American Psychiatric Association Conference and discussed ways to repair harm, including through Child-Parent Psychotherapy-like dyadic sessions. "Lieberman recounted several cases in which separation at the border left young children fearful, resentful, hopeless, and detached from their parents. Some may harbor revenge fantasies. Parents usually feel guilty. “Reunion does not undo the negative sequelae of separation,” she said."
April 3, 2019
Integrating infant mental health into the neonatal intensive care unit
Discusses the work of the Children's Hospital Los Angeles team as they use CPP in the NICU.
December 25, 2015
Giving Strider Wolf a start
A news story about a young child who experienced significant abuse at the hands of his mother's boyfriend and who later resided with his grandparents. Child-Parent Psychotherapy is featured as the treatment used to help this family.

"Known as child-parent psychotherapy, the treatment is designed to help kids, certainly. But it also helps caregivers understand traumatic events in their own lives, and cope with the memories that pop up as they contend with family stress. Founded some 20 years ago by Alicia Lieberman, now a professor at the University of California at San Francisco, this form of therapy holds real promise for breaking free from a damaging past. Past trauma can cause a flood of stress hormones that affect brain structure, Lieberman notes. “We start by meeting alone with parents and grandparents to find out what happened to the child – and what happened to them in the past,” she said. “And we know that extreme poverty by itself can cause tremendous stress.” Counselors working with Strider and his grandparents wisely used this approach to treat the entire family."
October 6, 2016
Undoing the harm of childhood trauma and adversity
Discusses the use of Child-Parent Psychotherapy as a treatment to alleviate the impact of ACEs