CPP Dissemination

Child-Parent Psychotherapy Learning Collaboratives

in the United States

A Child-Parent Psychotherapy Learning Collaborative is an 18-month long implementation-level CPP training. While there are CPP practitioners in early every state, the maps represent CPP LC's that have taken place in the specific states and the sustainability of implementation efforts.


US. CPP Dissemination Map Coding

  • Exploratory Trainings: There have been CPP trainings in the state/region as groups explore the practice.
  • Building Sustainability: There have been CPP trainings in the state/region, CPP trainings are coordinated by an entity with the capacity to support systems change, and there are discussions around how the state/region can sustain CPP in the future.
  • Sustainable Trainings
  • Multiple CPP trainings in the region/state
  •  Significant entity in the region coordinates CPP training (e.g. infant mental health association,  government organization, foundation, University hub).
  • Regular available CPP training either because there is a trainer in the region/state or there is a trainer who has committed to responding to training needs in the region.
  • There is either regular funding for CPP training or a clear business model for how practitioners/agencies can join and pay for CPP training.
  • CPP Trainer in the state (for the United States) or in the country for international trainings.

CPP Dissemination in the United States as of October 2023.

States with CPP trainers as of October 2023.


  • 39 states have had CPP implementation-level trainings hosted in their state.
  • 25 states have CPP trainers residing in and training within that state.
  • The District of Columbia also has hosted CPP trainings and has CPP trainers.
  • CPP training will begin in Puerto Rico in 2024.
  • Of the states that have had CPP training: 
  • 20 are building CPP sustainability 
  • 10 have sustainable CPP implementation arrangements  processes

CPP Agency Mentorship Program (CAMP) sites

A CAMP site is an agency where there are CPP supervisors who have participated in an intensive 18-month training that enables them to be endorsed to train staff within their agency to implementation-level standards. This model is being piloted in certain sites as a within agency sustainability model. The CAMP model has been disseminated extensively in Minnesota in collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

CPP Internship sites

There are currently four CPP internship sites that are partnering to form the CPP internship consortium. Each site offers implementation-level training to Masters or Doctoral level mental health interns. Sites partner through quarterly Internship Consortium CPP seminars.

Child-Parent Psychotherapy international Trainings


CPP training has taken place in 6 countries in addition to the United States. 

  • Australia: Four cohorts trained and a fifth starting in November 2023. Building sustainability through the piloting of the CPP Agency Mentorship Program, which includes the mentorship of 3 within Agency trainers.
  • Hong Kong: One cohort trained
  • Israel: 9 cohorts trained. 29 trainers mentored and continuing training.
  • Norway: 3 cohorts trained and a 4th in the planning phase. 3 CPP trainers mentored and continuing training.
  • Sweden: 6 cohorts trained and 2 CPP trainers mentored and continuing training.
  • United Kingdom: 2 cohorts trained and a 3rd cohort beginning with an apprentice trainer.