Participants during the 5th CPP Learning Collaborative held in the SF Bay Area

Upcoming Trainings

This page lists trainings offered by endorsed CPP trainers. 

This listing does not represent an endorsement of the trainer or the training, but is offered as a service to our CPP community.

Implementation-Level Trainings in Child-Parent Psychotherapy

We only list implementation-level trainings that are open to people interested in applying.

Feb 2019


feb 5th



feb 7th

National LC for rural providers working with child welfare systems

This training is being offered by the Early Trauma Treatment Network for providers working in rural (non-metropolitan areas) with families involved with the child welfare system.

For more information:  please contact Julie Larrieu 

at or Devi Miron Murphy at


Tulane University:

New Orleans, Louisiana

Presented by:

The Tulane site of the Early Trauma Treatment Network

Training cost:

Training: free. Materials and travel assumed by participant/agency.

Upcoming Conference Presentations


​Jan 26th



Jan 31st

​THe 34th Annual San Diego International Conference on Child and Family maltreatment

​Alicia Lieberman, Ph.D. will be presenting on Wednesday and Thursday, January 30th and 31st ​at this conference specifically designed for those professionals working with families experiencing child maltreatment, trauma and violence. ​​

​​For more information:  please ​visit the conference website linked here.


​Town and Country Hotel:

​San Diego, California

Presented by:

​The Chadwick Center for Children and Families at Rady Children's Hospital San Diego

Training cost:

Training: ​please register for ​conference fee information. 


​Mar 8th



​Mar 9​th

​THe Power of play

​building dynamic relationships

​Alicia Lieberman, Ph.D. will be ​a guest presenter for this conference that is promoting capacities for a meaningful life and unlocking potential for individuals with Autism and other social and mental health challenges across the lifespan. Dr. Lieberman will present on Repairing the Impact of Trauma in Early Childhood: The use of Play in Child-Parent Psychotherapy

​​For more information:  please ​visit the conference announcement linked here.


​​The Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens:

​​San Marino, California

Presented by:

​The ​Profectum Foundation 

Training cost:

Training: ​please register for ​conference fee information. 


​Mar 22​nd




​THe ​california association for infant mental health inaugural conference

​Alicia Lieberman, Ph.D. will be ​the ​keynote speaker on "Nurturing the next generation: Why we need CalAIMH."

​The focus of this talk will be to champion growth promoting relationships between parents and babies, between family members, and between families and communities.

​​For more information:  please ​visit the conference website linked here.


​​​California State University

Fresno, California

Presented ​in partnership with:

​​Fresno State Central California Children's Institute

Training cost:

Training: ​please register for ​conference fee information. 

Other Trainings


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